SGP’s Halloween vol. I: Spook-o’-tron (Live on Kickstarter!)

-Released 2017
-Numbered Edition: October 2017
-Kickstarter Standard Edition: October 2017
-Regular Edition: Here

The first installment in SGP’s Halloween series, Spook-o’-tron is full of holiday delight! Having suited up in your favorite spaceman costume, square off against pumpkins, zombies, mummies, witches, werewolves, and more (all drawn by the very talented cacciatc). Be sure to keep an eye out for wayward trick-or-treaters too, as rescuing them yields more than a piece of candy. Featuring over 100 levels, Spook-o’-tron provides hours of dual controller, arena-shooting enjoyment. Not a challenge for the faint of heart, but at least flash saves ensure that your hard won high scores will not be forgotten.

*This game requires the use of two standard NES controllers, turned vertically, with one held in each hand (thumbs rest on the d-pads of each, allowing movement with one and firing with the other). Additionally, it supports SNES input via an adapter, and also the Virtual Boy controller (with modifications).

Ready, aim, fire!
Run one way, and shoot every other way.