Spook-o’-tron Regular Edition (RE)

The October 2023 printing of Spook-o’-tron includes the following:

-Translucent yellow cartridge
-Brand new GTROM board by Membler Industries*
-Box, manual, and label
-Cart sleeve
-Styrofoam block

*Due to the advanced features of GTROM, this game is not guaranteed to work on 3rd party clone consoles, with the exceptions of the retroUSB AVS and the Analogue NT.

Price: $60

Spook-o’-tron can be played on the NES with two NES controllers (turned sideways), an SNES controller (with adapter or modification), or a Virtual Boy controller. Modified VB controllers were offered during the initial run of the game, but I no longer have the time to modify them myself. If you are interested in purchasing an unmodified Virtual Boy controller, along with an NES extension cable that can be used to modify the controller for the NES, please send an email or direct message after completing your purchase. If shipped at the same time, the cost will be an additional $45 US or $55 international. Soldering is required, and instructions will be provided. Since stock is limited, these will be handled on a first-come basis.